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Event: Supply chains and sovereignty

In the run-up to the European elections, Res Publica Europa organized a series of events and dinners on the most important and challenging issues facing the EU. Our latest discussion was with Barry Lynn, president and founder of the Open Markets Institute in Washington. An influential thinker and anti-monopoly advocate, Barry Lynn was one of the first to raise the alarm about high levels of concentration in the economy and global supply chains. He was also a mentor to Lina Khan, the unorthodox head of the Federal Trade Commission, who is taking the fight against monopoly power to a new level in the US. Barry urged Europe to do more to support this push—a push that can deliver better outcomes for citizens and more opportunities for innovators. He also discussed the challenges ahead, including making this new approach to regulation stick in a rapidly evolving political context and outlined the next steps for regulators, including in the EU, where historic progress has been made through the Digital Markets Act.

Thank you to Barry Lynn and all the participants for contributing to this important discussion!

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