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ECFR lunch on European common defense

Thank you for joining us for our stimulating lunch discussion with experts from the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) on European common defense.

We were honored to have Carla Hobbs, Deputy Director of the European Power Programme, and Susie Dennison, Senior Director for Strategy and Transformation and Senior Policy Fellow, present their insights. Their expertise provided a deep dive into how citizens perceive the evolving landscape of European defense initiatives, particularly in the context of Russia's war in Ukraine and its impact on public support for a common defense policy. The conversation highlighted the importance of engaging the public in defense policy discussions and ensuring that their voices are heard in shaping a secure and cohesive Europe. We are particularly grateful for the invaluable contributions of the ECFR experts and look forward to continuing this important dialogue.

Stay tuned for more events and discussions as part of our ongoing efforts to address the most pressing issues facing the EU!

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